A new line of 3D projectors has been put into production by HDI 3D, it has been revealed.

The proprietary and patented Laser-Driven 2D/3D Switchable Dynamic Video Projectors are at the very top end of home cinema devices and feature some amazing picture quality.

Using dual 2K RGB laser-illuminated Liquid Crystal on Silicon micro display imagers, the projector delivers stereoscopic 2K image quality at 1,080 frames per second with 360 colour frames per second per eye.

Technology journalist Richard Hart has already praised the picture quality, claiming that it is “the smoothest yet and smoothness means no headaches”. Meanwhile, co-founder of Apple Computers Steve Wozniak stated that they are “without a doubt, the best demonstration of 3D technology I have ever seen”,

Even the projectors themselves look amazing, with unusual and carefully-assembled designs making them stand out as a feature, rather than a black box you'd rather hide away.

The gadgets are hand-made and the first pre-production run of 100 HDI 3D Model LLS Pro 1 devices is expected to be available in February 2012. But around five further models are due by the end of next year.