The last Harry Potter film in the hugely successful franchise has enjoyed a record breaking opening weekend at the box office.

In the US and Canada alone, the film took $168 million (£104 million) on its opening weekend, smashing The Dark Knight’s earlier record of $158 million. The film has also enjoyed a range of positive reviews, which could prompt excitement among home cinema owners keen to view the film on their own systems.

It has now been a decade since the first film in the series was released, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. A number of the subsequent offerings have been projected in 3D, offering a new dimension to the stories. However, this could also have contributed to the impressive box office takings since the ticket price is slightly increased for 3D screenings.

So far, the entire series has earned more than £4 billion around the world, but this does not include the takings from the final film. But Dan Fellman, head of domestic distribution at Warner Bros, said, “A billion dollars is definitely going to happen.”

Investing in a 3D-enabled projector as part of a home cinema system could offer fans a way of enjoying the magic of Harry Potter all over again from the comfort of their own homes.