India is set to be one of the main growth markets for the projector industry in the coming years.

According to a new report from Research and Markets, the country is set to see a faster pace of growth in the industry because of the revival of delayed projects that were affected by the Indian general election of 2014.

The report suggested 3D enabled projectors will be particularly popular, with small- to medium-sized enterprises among those purchasing the technology.

With the explosion of Wi-Fi and HD technology in India in the last few months, projectors look set to continue growing in terms of sales in the near future. Mobile technology is also becoming more important in India and the proliferation of smartphones and tablets also ties in with the growing use of projector technology.

Some 47 per cent of the projectors sold in the Indian market were 3D according to the Research and Markets data and Benq was revealed to have held on to its market leadership in India, with the company's products followed by Epson and Sony.

Research and Markets added: "The home stream segment is expected to demonstrate huge potential over the coming years as a result of increasing consumer awareness among the Indian consumers."