A German semiconductor company has developed the first diode lasers to emit directly in the green region of the spectrum – technology that is likely to be extremely popular with the manufacturers of pico projectors.

Osram Opto Semiconductors (Osram OS) has said that the technology could allow for the development of high-brightness pico projectors, in contrast to the LED-based small projectors with functional but limited brightness that are currently on the market.

Company is not the first in the world to launch direct green diode emitters, but they are among the first to make the emitters commercially available.

Dale Zimmerman, Osram OS’s vice president of research and development, said that their launch will add some competition to the burgeoning field.

“We believe direct-diode green lasers are finally here for real,” he said. “We are confident that as volume expands we'll see the pricing of the diodes come down dramatically, along with further improvements in efficiency, and anticipate that red, blue and green direct-diode lasers will be broadly available.”

The existing technology for green lasers is too bulky to be practically included in pico projectors, leaving only low-brightness LED technology available to cover the green region of the spectrum. The Osram OS technology is now said to have brought the commercial breakthrough for compact laser projectors “closer than ever before”.