South Korean technology developers have produced a GPS navigation system that contains a mini projector, that can project its maps on to suitable surfaces.

The Maptor is a hand-held device – around the same size as a conventional torch – that can eliminate squinting at tiny three or four inch screens, while providing the same navigational capabilities as other modern GPS systems. While allowing for much larger display capabilities, it also lets users share their results and navigational information.

The Maptor integrates a tiny GPS module into it, which that is able to pinpoint the user’s existing location and then map it against the map database to which it is remotely connected, like a conventional GPS system. The mini projector is also Bluetooth capable, which allows users to keep their maps up to date by downloading new ones, without requiring fussy cables.

The device is made out of biodegradable plastic PLA (Polylactic acid) material, which makes it particularly environmentally friendly. While the Maptor is currently only a concept design – not even on general release in its native South Korea – many mapping experts have commended its novel approach to navigation with minimal intricacies and have said similar devices could be produced for the consumer market within two years.