Google has shed more light on its experimental wearable projection-controlled computing system, Project Glass, and opened up a developers event for it in order to gain feedback from other professionals.

The system was first unveiled last April and would see controls for systems projected onto people’s hands or arms, which would be transformed into interactive surfaces. The prototype that was unveiled last spring comprised a wearable computing device that projects a small, discrete image into one eye of the wearer while providing gesture-based control from a Bluetooth-connected wrist sensor.

Google has now invited developers who are enrolled in its Glass Explorers programme to play about with the device at events in New York and San Francisco at the end of this month and the beginning of February. The aim of the events is to crowd source ideas and feedback as to how the product might be bettered before Google moves forward with it.

Project Glass is based around the same technology as Google’s Android smartphones and tablets. It has previously been viewed as something rather experimental, but the news of the developers’ events has suggested that it is likely to play a more strategic role in Google’s imminent future.