Imagine the scene – you’re expected to give an important presentation to the whole office; the meeting room is packed to see what you’ve got to say. You fire up the projector; the content appears on the screen for all to see. Then you realise there is no way to turn off the lighting in the meeting room; light pours onto the projector screen, obscuring the picture and ruining your finely crafted slide deck.

Projector technology has improved exponentially in recent years and brightness is a key factor that has benefited. Brighter office projectors are now increasingly accessible in terms of price point.

We’ve taken a long hard look at what the business market requires from a fantastic office projector and high brightness units with a WUXGA resolution stood out. These might not be the best office projectors for everyone, but they certainly have a lot to offer, to a lot of businesses.

If your business is in need of an upgrade, high brightness, WUXGA-resolution devices should be on your list of considerations. Read on for more on information on why, as well as our selection of the best devices on the market with these specifications.


Resolution – why go WUXGA?

Our customers have certainly voted with their feet, when it comes to resolution.

An increasing share of corporate projectors we’ve sold in 2019 have been WUXGA-resolution models as the 1080p range saw its share decrease marginally, bringing WUXGA within a hair’s breadth of overtaking it.

If you’re looking for the flexibility to display multiple types of content on a single screen during a presentation, WUXGA-format projectors are exactly what you need. They offer high-resolution images in widescreen format at 16:10 aspect ratio – which enables the ability to use multiple sources and input types without having to sacrifice quality. It also means that the projector doesn’t have to try to manipulate the resolution of the input device and “squash” it into a format that isn’t particularly useful or clear for the audience.


Bold and bright

Brightness is crucial when considering what goes into a great office projector. By picking a projector with 6,000 ANSI Lumens brightness, you can guarantee that your images will be bright enough to fend off annoying environmental factors in the meeting room, like ambient light spilling onto your projector screen.

At 6,000 Lumens, models begin at the £1,000+ price range, but we think that’s a worthy investment for any size of business.

We’ve seen sales of WUXGA projectors in the 6,000-Lumen bracket increase by over 165 per cent between 2018-19, reflecting the appetite for better, brighter images in the workplace. Anecdotally, we think this is also driven by the advent of laser projection and the sheer frustration of vital-to-the-business projectors past not being bright or high resolution enough.

So it’s money well spent – but which device should you go for? Read on for our selection of the best projectors in this specification.


Best Value 6,000 Lumen, WUXGA Projector

Epson EB-L610U

Price: £2,447 excl. VAT

Epson continues to excel at offering the best value for money, when it comes to office projectors at 6,000 Lumens brightness or more.

Its accessible price and the following features make it worth considering, if you’re keeping an eye on every penny, while looking for office projector upgrades.

  • Laser-light source - cleaner image than pure lamp-based light sources and lower maintenance
  • Impressive 20,000-hour lamp life, so great longevity
  • Five-year return-to-base warranty
  • 1920 x 1200 (WUXGA) Resolution


Best Feature-Packed 6,000 Lumen, WUXGA Projector

Panasonic VMZ60

Panasonic PT-VMZ60EJ

Price: £2,845 excl. VAT

Panasonic has delivered a laser-light source projector packed with useful features. It’s a box of tricks that delivers high-brightness images despite a compact chassis. Of course, laser means a long lamp life helps reduce maintenance costs for your business, and it’s easy to install and set up. Being a laser-light source projector also means the VMZ60 doesn’t need time to warm up, as conventional projectors do, so no awkward waiting around, to start the presentation each time.

  • 20,000-hour lamp life, reducing costs for maintenance
  • 1920 x 1200 (WUXGA) Resolution
  • 6,000 ANSI Lumens brightness
  • High contrast ratio of 3,000,000:1
  • Minimal power consumption
  • Able to support 4K-resolution signal input


Our Expert Pick of 6,000 Lumen, WUXGA Projectors

Panasonic MZ670

Price: £4,177 excl. VAT

The MZ670 from Panasonic is our top pick in this range. It takes the best of the aforementioned models, but goes that bit further as it allows the use of lens options for that perfect installation positioning.

Take its brightness output as an example. It goes above and beyond, with an impressive 6,500 Lumens. Our sales for models providing 6,500 Lumens have quadrupled in the last year alone, and the following features make it easy to see why the Panasonic MZ670 is selling so quickly.

  • Wide array of lens options
  • 6,500 ANSI Lumens brightness - considerably brighter than most
  • 20,000-hour lamp life - lasts for longer without hassle of repairs or maintenance
  • 1920 x 1200 pixel (WUXGA) Resolution
  • Three-year return-to-base warranty
  • Laser-light source/LCD Display Technology


Without a doubt, the MZ670 is our top choice for this range, as it leaves you spoilt for choice when it comes to lens options. This is ideal for flexibility and convenience. Add to that its built-in high-brightness and you’re guaranteed to be provided with content that is clearer and sharper than most models are capable of offering, even in brighter environments.

But if cash is tight, you certainly won’t go wrong with the Epson EB-L610U, in fact the model has accounted for over 70 per cent of the purchases in this category – that’s a lot of happy customers.


If your business is looking for a new office projector, the team at ProjectorPoint will be happy to offer advice on the best specifications for your space and requirements. Get in touch with the team today.