New 3D technology is under development in South Korea that could allow for 3D viewing without the need for separate glasses.

The new method would allow for the current two-projector 3D screening set-up to be maintained but a fairly simple optical array would be placed in front of the projectors to polarise light and obscure necessary parts of the screen that would allow for 3D viewing.

One of the head researchers on the project, Byoungho Lee, explained, “We want to take it to the next step with a method that, if validated by further research, might constitute a simple, compact, and cost-effective approach to producing widely available 3D cinema, while also eliminating the need for wearing polarising glasses.

“Our results confirm the feasibility of this approach, and we believe that this proposed method may be useful for developing the next generation of a glasses-free projection-type 3D display for commercial theatres.”

US-based physicist, John Koshel, who was not associated with the work, said that the developments being made in South Korea have captured the attention of the cinema industry. He said, “This technology is still in its infancy, but it’s a new step that was hidden for a long time.”