Glasses-free 3D projector project showcased by MIT

A team of researchers at the MIT Media lab in Cambridge, Massachusetts, have showcased a new glasses-free 3D projector.

The Camera Culture team have been working on the development of the projector for the last three years and have come up with a product that will provide an alternative to holographic video.

The device will allow users to watch a multi-perspective 3D video screen without the need to wear 3D glasses.

The new projector will also allow traditional 2D video to be higher in resolution and contrast, the researchers confirmed.

The MIT News Office's Larry Hardesty told Gizmag: “Multiperspective 3-D differs from the stereoscopic 3-D now common in movie theatres in that the depicted objects disclose new perspectives as the viewer moves about them, just as real objects would. This means it might have applications in areas like collaborative design and medical imaging, as well as entertainment.”

At the heart of the new device is a pair of liquid-crystal modulators which are located between the lens and the light source. Light and dark patterns hit the first modulator, effectively turning it into a bank of slightly angled light emitters.

These lights then hit the second modulator at particular angles, meaning that the two pattern combinations allow the viewer to see slightly different images from different angles.

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