Gigabyte has revealed that they have added a pico projector to their Brix mini PC.

Details of the mini PC, featuring Haswell processing technology in the small Brix machine, had already been released, but Gigabyte have expanded on their Brix plans at the recent Computex convention.

Gigabyte stated that they will be adding a number of features to the tiny computer, including an integrated pico projector, which will allow users to carry projection technology around as part of their PC.

The technology giant has revealed that the projector will use external audio but can also run LAN software with low system requirements, allowing the user to transform any room into a cinema or conference room.

The Brix PC's price is thought to be it's biggest draw despite the fact that the company have not yet revealed how much the mini PC will cost.

Running off of a AMD mid-range Kabini APU, the mini PC's low-power chip only uses between 9w and 15w with normal use. However, with its built in pico projector, Haswell processor and wireless technology, consumers are sure to get the most for their money from this mini technology innovation.

Unfortunately, Gigabyte are only displaying prototypes of the Brix mini PC and no release date has been set.