Consumer technology company, Genius, demonstrated its latest development in projector screen technology at the CeBIT tradeshow this week, unveiling a portable projector screen that comes complete with built-in speakers.

The innovative new projector screen is a highlight of the company’s display at the digital IT and telecommunications trade fair, which is being held in Hanover, Germany until 10 March.

The projector screen has the remarkable property of being able to fold up flat – speakers and all – for ease of transportation and storage. The actual screen itself is made of custom material that is enhanced to provide optimum image quality from projectors in brightly lit conditions.

To demonstrate this, the screen was being used with Genius’s latest standard LCOS projector, which has average brightness and usually requires significant darkness to produce decent image quality.

Commenting on the projector, tech website, VR-Zone, said that the screen was an impressive concept that is sure to appeal to travelling business people.

“We were surprised by how loud the flat speakers were, as they were only about one centimetre thick, yet managed to produce some very clear audio, despite the fairly noisy show floor,” a VR-Zone reviewer state.

“There wasn’t much bass to speak of, but the audio was more than good enough for something like a video presentation.”