3D fans and game-loving projector owners have been given an insight into the "visually rich and believable alien world with the look of 1950s America" that is the Planet 51 video game and movie. The technological brains behind the film, released last month, say many of the animated models created for it were digitally transferred, re-sized and re-animated for the video game.

Luis Fernando Fernandez, head of development at Pyro Studios, where the video game was created, explains that production on the Planet 51 game began approximately four years into the development of the film. The team at the studios had access to the complete film script and all assets of the movie from the beginning of the game’s production.

"We looked at all the elements of the Planet 51 world and one thing that stood out was the special characteristics of the vehicles," he notes. "The alien cars behaved very differently than earthly cars; they could float, jump and travel at super speeds. We thought the unique cars would be a perfect focus for the game play, and developed an open-world driving game."

To date, alien adventure Planet 51 is the biggest-budget animated film produced in Europe.