Future Apple Watch 'could include projector'

The next Apple Watch could include a projector its users will be able to interact with.

According to Cody Willard, chairman of financial social network Scutify, Apple is already working on bigger and better features for its latest product, which is about to go on sale.

Speaking to Benzinga, he explained a projector or a hologram device is likely to be included on the Apple Watch within the next two to five years.

He said: "It's just not here yet. Apple's not going to put it on here until it's ready. Could be two years. Could be five years."

The idea is for the watch's projector to display an image above the watch. The small screen of the watch is currently one of the main drawbacks of the device, making it difficult to read messages and emails, and view photos and videos.

"People are going to want to be able to interact with the actual projector, not just tap an actual touch screen," added Mr Willard.

"Along with this, of course, voice recognition and voice command [will] become easier to use. The evolution of that is progressing as usual."

The Apple Watch will be released on 24 April when the device will go on sale in nine different countries around the world.

Chief executive at Apple Tim Cook stated that the release of the watch will signify "a new chapter in the way we relate to technology and we think our customers are going to love it".

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