Cinema goers in the Worcestershire town of Malvern will be able to watch a wider selection of films in top quality, thanks to a new grant that will allow their local cinemas to invest in new projectors.

Malvern Theatres will offer films in full digital glory after replacing their old 35mm film projectors with a range of new digital models, worth a total of around £120,000. The new projectors – and high-quality projector screens – will allow the cinema to keep up with modern developments that have gradually seen fewer and fewer movies made available in the old film reel format.

According to the Malvern Gazette newspaper, the upgrade has been made possible by a major grant from the Digital Film Partnership, the body which has been set up to help older picture houses to modernise their equipment. The body is providing Malvern Theatres with around £80,000 towards the upgrades, over the course of around ten years.

The initial outlay on the work is £25,000 and half of that has been donated by the Kay Foundation, which was established by local cinema enthusiast Ernie Kay, as a memorial to his relatives, Kathy and Margaret Kay. The foundation is a key part of Malvern Theatres’ ongoing fundraising efforts, and has successfully raised more than £365,000 for them since 2009.

Malvern Theatres spokesman, Fred Moroni, said, “We’re delighted to be able to install this new equipment and are very grateful to the DFP and the Kay Foundation.”