Technological explorers in Japan have come up with a completely wireless projector that reflects images from mobile devices like the Apple iPhone, or other backlit phones that let users adjust their brightness. The HypnosEye Projector uses a lens and a mirror to reflect images from whichever device is inserted in a tray underneath it.

As well as a portable wireless projector with screen and stand, the HypnosEye Projector and Screen Set features a projection distance of up to two metres, a projection area from 43 to 114 centimetres and an adjustable projection focus.

Because it has no light source of its own, it requires users to set the brightness on their phone's display to the highest level for the best results on walls, ceilings or other surfaces. Analysts have suggested that, for this reason, the projector will work better with devices that have large LCD screens, such as Apple's iPhone or Touch.

The HypnosEye has been dubbed "a fun gimmick" in the wake of the development of mobile phones featuring built-in projectors. One such device, the LG eXpo, supports an optional integrated pico projector and can project an image onto a wall from as far as eight feet away.