A creative and innovative French photographer is creating gigantic works of street art around the stunning coastal city of Marseille using projected images.

Phillip Echaroux wanted to “give something back” to his hometown of Marseille, and decided that street art was the way to do this.

He opted to gift his talent for creating works of art to the local residents, by projecting portraits and designs onto buildings, street walls, trees and hillsides all across the city as part of his ‘Painting with Lights’ project.

Many of the projections were larger than 300 feet and could be seen from a long way away, while others were smaller, offering local residents and visitors to the city a more intimate viewing experience.

Others took part in the project, including Patrick Bosso, a French actor and director, who told Visual News: “Ephremal art is concept I really do love. It transforms the city without damaging her. No holes, no work, no paintings; We don’t impose it to anyone because it can go. At the same time it gives colors to the town and in a way it’s kind of dressing her up”.