Epson's EH-TW5900 has received a five star projector review from Expert Reviews, praising the device's 3D support among other features.

The projector is an LCD device, rather than DLP, which means it benefits from being slightly more energy efficient. It also creates less heat and produces “richer colours” than many DLP models.

Unfortunately, it also means that it is larger and many people will find that they need to install a bracket on their wall or ceiling to hold the device, whereas a DLP model might fit comfortably on a shelf.

Although the size may be an issue for some, it does allow the gadget to fit in a wide array of connectivity options. The projector review praised the availability of two HDMI ports, S-video and VGA connections, as well as stereo phono jacks for audio input and a USB port to allow the projector to be used with USB keys.

The gadget also received praise for the strength of its images, which appear clear even with some ambient light in the background. There was some difficulty with blacks, however, with the reviewers noting that they tended to appear grey and the contrast remained lower than an equivalent DLP model.