Epson has launched its first twin-stacked passive 3D projector system, in the form of its new EB-W16SK system.

The projectors allow for educational establishments, museums, exhibitions and the hospitality industry to have a bright, affordable 3D experience and the only 3D passive projector in the market that is compatible with all 3D signal formats.

The system comprises two individual projector units, stacked together in a specially-designed mount and the two projectors are connected via USB with the supplied polarising plates attached to each lens.

The projectors have assured image quality thanks to Epson’s renowned 3LCD technology, providing a wide colour gamut for applications such as art exhibitions and science lessons. They have brightness of 3,000 lumens, creating vivid images in ambient light environments.

Business manager for Epson UK, Graeme Davidson, said that the launch of the new system was an important move for them.

“This is our first ever twin-stacked passive 3D projection system and we’ve made sure that audiences of all sizes will be able to enjoy bright, vibrant 3D content,” he said. “Using a combination of passive 3D technology and affordable glasses, the Epson EB-W16SK offers users a low TCO, and is ideal for environments where large groups want to enjoy 3D content.”