Brooklyn-based company Dos Owls has launched ODIN, the world's first portable smart projector powered by Android technology.

ODIN is a miniature, battery-powered projector with a quad-core processor capable of powering Android KitKat 4.4. This allows users to project images and access the Android ecosystem independently of any other device.

Despite its compact, portable size, the projector features a rotating optical display, as well as 4W bluetooth speakers and internet capabilities. ODIN also has a number of connection methods available, including built-in hotspot and Wi-Fi capabilities, embedded bluetooth, multiple HDMI ports, a headphone jack and two USB slots.

The pocket-sized projector displays images via integrated micromirror display (DMD) optical technology, which is capable of projecting 115 ANSI lumens of light into a large screen format. This technology means that ODIN is able of producing a 75 inch screen size when placed only 3 yards from a wall, or a 125 inch screen when placed 5 yards from a wall.

The compact size, integrated 4W speakers and large number of connection options make ODIN the ideal portable projector for small-scale presentations, browsing the internet, playing games, watching films and even working on documents.