The first smartphone with a built-in projector has gone on sale in Asda recently.

The Samsung Galaxy Beam, also known as the I8530, is thought to be the first mainstream smartphone with a built-in projector to go on general sale. Reports say that the handset is available SIM-free for £245 from Asda, with free delivery included.

Experts on ITProPortal note, “This phone, which was released earlier this year, is the only mainstream handset we know of that includes a projector.”

Some people might wonder what the benefit is of having a projector within a smartphone. One example is that if someone takes a photograph with the device, they can easily and immediately project it on a much larger scale on another surface. Similarly, if someone wants to watch a clip on the internet, or even a film or TV programme, they can project a much bigger version no matter where they are. You could also use the phone to give a presentation.

The phone also has features such as the ability to draw pictures or make notes during the projection and a tool that enables the phone to be used as an overhead projector.

Experts don’t think this is yet the phone that will replace a separate projector. A review on ITProPortal concludes, “In the end, the decision on whether or not to purchase the Samsung Galaxy Beam will come down to how much you want its projector feature and how much you are prepared to compromise on the rest and pay the price to get it. I'd want the projector to be better and brighter so I could use it more often if I were to take the plunge.”