Projector manufacturer Epson has unveiled their latest model in the EB-5 Series ultra-short-throw projectors, aimed at the education market.

The EB-595Wi enables users to interact with projected images using their fingers thanks to integrated six points of finger or pen touch. Users can annotate onto the display to provide viewers with diagrams or notes, or even control the image using the projector screen.

The two interactive pens that come with the projector have enhanced response and lightweight design, while the whiteboard mode enables use without the need for a computer.

As part of the ED-5 ultra-short-throw projector range, the EB-595Wi features a resolution of up to WXGA and a light output of up to 3,300 lumens, as well as 3LCD technology, which removes the need for lamps.

The EB-595Wi and other projectors in the series include wireless capability, enabling content sharing from smart devices and mobile devices via an app.

Paul Wilson, product manager, Epson UK, said: “Teachers will find finger-touch incredibly useful for quickly emphasising a point or providing additional notes during class, crucially without having to find an interactive pen first, and students can head straight to the projected image to contribute."