First digital cinema-compliant projector launched with laser light source

NEC Display Solutions of America, a leading provider of commercial LCD display and projectors, has announced the launch of the NC1100L, the world's first digital cinema-compliant projector with an in-built laser light source.

The projector is marketed towards exhibitors with small screens, projection booths, universities or public buildings. It provides approximately 20,000 hours of light source usage, delivering maintenance free ownership thanks to the in-built light source.

The NC1100L is part of NEC's Digital Cinema Projector Series and delivers 2K (2048 x 1080) DCI-compliant image quality, which provides an image brightness of 14-ft-L in DCI colour. As well as that, the projector includes 3D capabilities and 3-chip DMD reflection method.

The projector also includes an Integrated Media Server (IMS) and a 2 TB RAID5 Storage Server to ensure ease of connectivity in any venue, removing the need for external devices, as well as a High Frame Rate (HFR) capability to give high quality picture

The NC1100L is sold with a number of bayonet lens options to ensure easy installation in any venue and each lens enables motorised zoom, focus and shift capabilities.

The latest addition to the NEC family is expected to go on sale in March 2014.

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