First 360 degree projector announced
New projector firm 360-G have launched a fundraising effort on Kickstarter to help them develop and produce the world's first 360 degree projector.

Offering users the chance to produce large panoramic images and videos in their living room, the 360mini projector is the first of its kind to bring museum and large-venue technology into the home environment.

With panoramic photo and video technology becoming increasingly popular, there has never been a better time to introduce 360 degree projector technology into the home, and the 360mini makes this possible at the push of a button.

Using a built-in media PC, the projector can play back 360 degree photos or videos directly from a memory card or from the media PC itself, using a phone or tablet to navigate through the content and produce an immersive experience that can involve all the family. The media PC is also capable of storing photos and videos for viewing at a later date.

The projector's creators added: "With the small, three feet high projector people can now watch 360 degree images and videos the same way they were shot: as a seamless 360° panorama."

The technology available through the 360mini builds upon the advanced technology already available in some of the top manufacturer's large venue models, such as the Epson EB-Z9870U.

Using Epson's 360 degree installation technology, the Epson EB-Z9870U can create impressive floor or ceiling displays that are ideal for museums, shows or any other creative project based in a large venue.

A top of the range projector, this Epson favourite has previously been used for museum signage, auditorium displays, advertising, corporate environments and even fashion shows, where portrait projection technology comes into its own.