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  1. Epson named most recognisable projector brand

    Epson has been named by the TFCinfo Projector Brand Customer Perception and Preference Study 2015 as the world's most recognisable projector manufacturer.

    The report also revealed that Epson is the most widely used brand in the education market, while the company was particularly praised for its image quality.

    Richard Miller, director of projector product management at Epson America, stated that the award is justification that Epson's aim to provide "high quality images, reliability, ease of use, affordability, and excellent customer service" is working.

    He added: "Epson projectors are purposefully built with features for specific applications and use cases. We will continue to improve our offerings and provide the superior projectors that our customers have come to expect."

    The report stated that Epson is viewed as a quality brand for projectors, with the manufacturer producing devices that are reliable, as well as easy to use and good value for money.

    Tanya Lippke, director survey market research-editor at TFCinfo, added that Epson projectors are "viewed as both a value and a high quality investment".

    Almost half of all respondents surveyed for the TFCinfo poll stated they would always consider Epson for purchasing projectors. Epson was revealed to be the most considered brand for purchase overall.

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  2. Optoma releases new 3D home cinema projector

    Optoma has announced it is releasing a brand new 3D home cinema projector - the HD37.

    The device is a full HD 1080p projector with BrilliantColor technology, while it also features an all-glass multi-coated lens that has vertical lens shift in order to deliver "a beautiful image and installation flexibility".

    Optoma also revealed the projector is ISFccc Certified for calibrated Day/Night viewing modes.

    Optoma’s senior director of product management Jon Grodem explained that the company is aiming to produce high-end, feature-rich projectors in the home cinema segment and the launch of the HD37 fits in with that goal.

    He said: "This high-performance addition to the Optoma line-up strengthens our position as the number one 1080p DLP projector brand in the Americas."

    Mr Grodem also praised the technology included in the HD37, singling out BrilliantColor for particular praise, which he said "allows for balanced, vivid, and highly accurate colours". The Optoma representative also stated that DynamicBlack technology "offers an astonishing 20,000:1 contrast ratio, for an enjoyable and immersive movie watching experience".

    The release of the new 3D home cinema projector by Optoma comes hot on the heels of the company unveiling its first ever short throw projectors, the EH320UST and EH320USTi, both of which rank at 4,000 lumens.

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  3. Casio projector sent to International Space Station

    Casio has announced that its Signature XJ-M256 LampFree projector has been sent to the International Space Station to be used by astronauts.

    It will be used for onboard training activities including complex robotics and spacewalking, while it can also be used for entertainment by showing films and TV shows.

    Joe Gillio, senior director of product marketing at Casio's Business Projector Division, stated that the company is "excited" about one of its devices going to the International Space Station.

    He said: "Crew members typically watched video on small laptop screens and were in need of a projector capable of displaying video in a large-scale format. We are confident our Signature XJ-M256 projector will exceed expectations in quality, reliability and performance."

    The Casio Signature XJ-M256 projector is the first device of its type to be used on board the International Space Station, but it is not the first time a projector has been used by astronauts.

    Last month, Austin-based Screen Innovations developed a 65-inch ISS Viewscreen for NASA to be used by crew members such as the yearlong space station resident Scott Kelly.

    Ironically, the first film they watched on the new projector device was the Oscar-winning space epic Gravity, starring Sandra Bullock, Matt Damon and George Clooney.

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  4. Christie projector wins PIPA Award

    Christie projector the Boxer has won this year's Prolight & Sound International Press Award (PIPA).

    At a ceremony in Frankfurt, Germany, Christie's device was announced as the winner by a panel of international specialist journalists.

    The Christie Boxer 4K30, which delivers 30,000 lumens and native 4K resolution, is the first of the new Boxer Series.

    Klaus Hilles, Christie's regional sales manager for Germany, Austria and Switzerland, was on hand to accept the PIPA award on behalf of the company.

    Christie's projector allows its users to monitor the lamp hours and serial numbers through Near Field Communication, while it also has in-built Christie Twist, which can blend and warp images from multiple projectors onto curved or irregular surfaces with no external solution required.

    "Housed in two three-lamp cartridges, the six long-life mercury lamp modules are easy to maintain, change, and stock, which means a better return on investment and less consumables," Christie said.

    The PIPA award win comes hot on the heels of Christie extending its partnership with the famous Cannes Film Festival, which saw the projector manufacturer supply devices to screen dozens of movies during the festival period.

    This year was the ninth consecutive year of the partnership between Christie and Cannes Festival.

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  5. Pizza Hut launches projector pizza box

    Pico projectors have been included in all kinds of devices in recent years as technology makes it easier than ever to project films and TV shows - but never before on a pizza box.

    Pizza Hut has launched a new projector pizza box in Hong Kong and it has been so popular that the innovation could soon be rolled out all over the world.

    The projector is placed in the centre of the pizza, protected by a plastic ring. The pizza box has a hole ready to be punched for the projector, while the box also has a stand for a smartphone.

    Users need a clean white wall to project films on to if they want to take advantage of the projector pizza box, with Pizza Hut releasing a range of specially designed boxes to launch the new invention.

    Pizza fans can choose between Slice Night, Fully Loaded, Hot and Ready and Anchovy Armageddon for their projector pizza box.

    The move comes after Pizza Hut unveiled a tie up that allowed it to offer movies as part of its offers. The idea is that customers will buy a film along with their pizzas and then project it at home for a cinema experience.

    Users will also be able to project via the pizza box to Netflix and YouTube, making the projector pizza box a very versatile new home entertainment option.

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  6. Barco projectors chosen for Copenhagen multiplex

    The Barco DP4K-60L laser projector has been selected to be installed at a cinema in Denmark.

    Digital cinema pioneer Barco's device was picked for the main premium large format (PLF) screen of Nordic entertainment company Nordisk Film Biografer's new multiplex in the Field shopping and entertainment centre in Copenhagen.

    The new cinema is set to open in August and the Field is due to become one of the largest shopping centres in Scandinavia when it is completed.

    Wim Buyens, head of entertainment at Barco, explained that the Barco DP4K-60L is the world’s brightest cinema projector.

    He pointed out that it also features "unprecedented" 4K image quality, as well as contrast ratios that "result in laser-sharp 2D and 3D images".

    Mr Buyens added: "What’s more, the built-in Barco Alchemy Intelligent Cinema Media Processor combines media server, cinema processing, storage and security functions in a single, on-board module.

    "The module is the first on the market to enable the projection of 4K content at 60 fps and show 3D movies in full 4K resolution with only one projector."

    Lars Jørgensen, executive country manager at Nordisk Film Biografer, said the partnership with Barco at the Field complex is being built on a "shared love of cinema".

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  7. Christie signs new Cannes Film Festival deal

    Projector manufacturer Christie has confirmed it has extended its partnership deal with the Cannes Film Festival.

    Cannes is one of the biggest film festivals in the world and this year it is taking place from 13 to 24 May, with Christie providing projector technology for the ninth year in a row.

    The deal between Christie and Cannes Film Festival has been extended for three years, with the company's audio visual solutions being used at all festival screenings.

    Thierry Fremaux, general delegate of Cannes, explained that the link between Christie and the film festival is now "more than a simple partnership".

    He revealed that Christie is providing 31 projectors from its Solaria series, which means the festival is able to support a variety of screen sizes and formats.

    Richard Nye, cinema sales director for the EMEA region at Christie, added that projection technology has been part of a shift in cinema.

    He said: "The transition from- film-to-digital and DCI compliance is something we have led. People think of movie heroes, but technology is an unsung hero and part of the story of modern cinema."

    More than 1,000 movies are being screened as part of the Cannes Film Festival this year.

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  8. IMAX to bring laser projectors to UK

    IMAX has confirmed it will be bringing its new laser projectors to the UK this year.

    The company's senior executive vice-president Greg Foster announced that the projectors, as well as the company's new 12-channel surround sound system, will arrive at the end of the summer.

    Speaking to Pocket-lint, he revealed that the Empire cinema in London's famous Leicester Square will be the first cinema to have the new technology installed.

    Although the Empire has the widest screen in the UK, traditional bulb projectors are unable to fill the 26.5 metre screen. The new IMAX laser projector will ensure that the whole screen is covered.

    Mr Foster also confirmed that IMAX is working on further new technology that should be ready next year, although he would not say what it is.

    Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation, Jurassic World and Mad Max: Fury Road are in contention to be among the first movies to be shown on the new IMAX projectors at the Empire.

    The IMAX executive also revealed that the company's ultimate aim is to be able to show new film releases on IMAX screens before they are available to watch at traditional cinemas.

    New IMAX digital 2D cameras are being used to film the Marvel Avengers: Infinity Wars movies, with the first of the films, Captain America: Civil War, due out in May 2016.

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  9. ViewSonic reveals new series of projectors

    Visual solution products manufacturer ViewSonic has announced it is launching a new series of projectors aimed at small to medium-sized businesses.

    The new LightStream Series from the company features its SuperColor technology that provides higher brightness levels, as well as a true-to-life image projection in a "sleek new form factor".

    ViewSonic added that the new LightStream projector series also features the firm's exclusive SonicExpert technology and its SonicMode sound system, which delivers higher volume, on top of the absolute best-in-class sound quality. This makes the projectors perfect for users in small and medium-sized enterprises.

    Max Hsu, PM director for ViewSonic Asia Pacific, explained that the launch of the new projectors is a sign that the company has a "continuous dedication to lead the visual display industry".

    He added that ViewSonic aims to do this with "innovative and feature-rich digital projectors that ranges from affordable entry-level to advanced projection solutions".

    Mr Hsu said: "ViewSonic LightStream series feature a stylish design and an exclusive audio-visual technology to deliver excellent colour and more brightness than ever possible in this class of projectors.

    "ViewSonic will expand the LightStream series with a more innovative design and embedded smart functions in second half of 2015 to suit every customer's need."

    The new LightStream Series from ViewSonic are available to buy now.

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  10. Epson remains world's top projector manufacturer

    Epson has held on to its position as the top projector manufacturer in the world, according to new research.

    The company was named as the top manufacturer in the projector industry for a 14th successive year by Futuresource Consulting.

    Epson is shown in the new data to have the largest unit share of the market for 500-lumen and higher projectors.

    Neil Colquhoun, business director for visual imaging at Epson Europe, stated that the Futuresource Consulting data is "very exciting" for Epson.

    He said: "It's great to see that our projectors continue to gain recognition and sales share within the market.

    "By responding to market trends and continuously investing in the development of ground-breaking products and technologies, our aim is to continue strengthening our position as the market leader year on year."

    Epson recently announced the launch of the PowerLite 4770W, a widescreen projector that delivers 5,000 lumens of white brightness.

    Flexible installation tools including horizontal and vertical lens shift are also offered by the device, which has the latest Epson 3LCD, 3-chip technology.

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