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  1. Jurassic World smashes box office records

    Projector owners can look forward to the DVD release of Jurassic World later this year after the film smashes box office records.

    The blockbuster took a record $1 billion in the fastest time ever as fans descended on cinemas to see the 3D hit.

    With the Jurassic World DVD release expected for October 2015, home cinema owners will have the opportunity to experience the eye-popping visual effects in the comfort of their own home.

    Cinema-goers have been wowed by the visual effects in Colin Trevorrow's movie, which continues to hold onto its number one spot at the box

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  2. Casio EcoLite 'best of show' winner at InfoComm

    Casio's EcoLite projector won the award for 'Best of Show' at InfoComm 2015 thanks to its durability, performance and value.

    Casio America, Inc. announced that its new eco-friendly projector, the EcoLite XJ0V1, won the notable award at the international trade event, which took place in Orlando, Florida last month.

    "Receiving this prominent distinction is extremely exciting and we couldn't be more proud to have been recognised by Government Video," said Joe Gillio, Senior Director Strategic Planning and Marketing, of Casio's Business Projector

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  3. Mimio launches new touch projector for classrooms

    Educational technology manufacturer Mimio unveiled a new touch projector for classrooms at this week's International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) conference.

    The MimioProjector 280T transforms traditional white boards into interactive touch pads, allowing up to ten students to work together using their fingers or styli.

    With an interactive touch area of 100 inches, the HDMI projector offers exceptional image quality, while ultra-short throw design reduces shadows on the whiteboard.

    Mimio's new offering promises to be the perfect solution for schools

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  4. Panasonic launches world's most compact 4K+ projector

    Panasonic has launched the world's most compact and lightweight 4K+ 3-chip DLP laser projector at InfoComm 2015.

    Panasonic's PT-RQ13KU, which boasts 4K+ screen resolution (5,120 x 3,200) and Quad Pixel Drive technology, has a brightness output of 10,000 lumens and contrast ratio of 20,000:1. All of these features combine to deliver extremely detailed, film-like 4K+ image quality.

    The projector offers exceptional picture quality that to its pixel which is shifted both horizontally and vertically at a high frame rate of 240 Hz, effectively quadrupling the pixel density

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  5. Casio showcases latest eco-friendly LampFree projector

    Casio is showcasing its latest addition to its eco-friendly LampFree projector range at this year's InfoComm event.

    The EcoLite XJ-Vi projector promises to offer exceptional performance at a far lower cost of operation thanks to Casio’s Laser and LED Hybrid Light Source and DLP Projection Technology.

    The XJ-V1 has an estimated 20,000 hour lifespan with minimal brightness degradation, making it the perfect low-energy solution for schools and businesses.

    In fact, with power consumption totalling no more than 180W, even at its brightest setting, this projector

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  6. Philips and Optoma showcase groundbreaking HLD projector

    Technology leader Philips has joined forces with projector manufacturer Optoma to create projection technology boasting outstanding image quality.

    The two companies will be showcasing the ColorSpark High Lumen Density (HLD) LED projection technology at Florida's InfoComm 2015.

    Visitors to the event on 17-19 June will be treated to a demonstration of this ground-breaking projection technology.

    Optoma HLD LED projectors use the most advanced LED technology to offer consistent brightness and impressive colour performance. It is able to render larger screen sizes in normal

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  7. Touchjet Pond Projector perfect for classroom and boardroom

    The Touchjet Pond, a tiny projector that turns a wall into a touchscreen, has received positive reviews following its release last month.

    The Pond, which was funded by Indiegogo backers last year, has an 80 lumen LED lamp and a built-in infrared sensor that allows it to track the bundled infrared styluses.

    Described as a "huge tablet on the wall" in a review by David Phelan for the Telegraph, the Pond allows users to interact with the projected image in a number of ways.

    As well as using the projector to watch films, it can be used for Android apps, such as

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  8. ViewSonic reveals new projector lineup

    New projectors have been revealed as part of ViewSonic's product offering.

    The company has announced the details of three different projector models, each with a different market focus.

    All of the projectors are designed to work for home theatre and business users and are named PJD7825HD, PJD7830HDL, and PJD7835HD.

    Erik Willey, product marketing director at ViewSonic Americas, commented: “The LightStream 1080p projector series is packed with smart technologies that bring HD content to life for home entertainment or enable rich multimedia presentations in the

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  9. IMAX to introduce new laser projectors

    IMAX is set to introduce its first laser projectors into the UK this summer, along with a new 12-channel surround sound system.

    The Empire in Leicester Square, which boasts the widest screen in the UK, will be the first cinema to be fitted with the laser projectors, Pocket-lint reported.

    The screen cannot currently be filled by traditional bulb projectors, but the new laser IMAX projector will fill the whole 15.6 metre by 26.5 metre screen, improving the contrast, colour and brightness.

    IMAX will also be debuting its new 12-channel surround sound system in its Leicester

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  10. Tarantino to retrofit 50 theatres with 70mm projectors

    Quentin Tarantino is set to install 70mm projectors in 50 cinemas around the world to show his new film 'The Hateful Eight'.

    The movie was shot entirely in 70mm to produce a higher-resolution and wider image on-screen, ensuring cinema-goers will enjoy the best cinematographic experience.

    The film is the first to use the Ultra Panavision 70 anamorphic lenses since 1966's 'Khartoum'. However, it seems that Tarantino is not alone in favouring these lenses, with the upcoming 'Star Wars' spinoff 'Rogue One' reportedly set to follow suit.

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