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  1. Christie lights up Doctor Strange

    Projector firm Christie has used its innovative MicroTiles product to help promote the new Marvel movie Doctor Strange.

    Visitors to the Okeaniya Shopping Centre in Moscow are able to “experience the multiverse” through the Doctor’s eyes thanks to Christie’s special tiles.

    Doctor Strange, starring Benedict Cumberbatch, is the latest movie release from the Marvel Studios which sees one of the comic house’s most venerable characters make the leap from comic-book to the big screen.

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  2. Spanish cinema chooses new Sony 4K SRX-R515P to stream movies

    Spanish cinema chooses new Sony 4K SRX-R515P
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  3. Ang Lee creates history by shooting in 120fps using Christie Mirage projectors

    Two Christie Mirage 4KLHs were used for the shooting of Ang Lee’s latest film, Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk; it was announced at a recent screening.

    The nine-minute clip was shown at this year’s IBC Big Screen Experience and was screened at 120 fps and in 4K 3D.

    Usually found in theme parks, casinos, museums and other public venues, the Mirage projectors can project up to 60,000 per head and up to 120,000 lumens when paired with a dual 6P configuration. At the screening, the p

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  4. French Motorsport circuit updates infrastructure with latest projectors

    A motorsport venue in France has replaced all its displays and projectors with Sony equipment.

    The owners of the Circuit Paul Ricard, located at Marseille, wanted to update its outdated video monitoring systems, which included inefficient CRT screens and analogue CCTV cameras, so made the decision to modernise its infrastructure to Sony.

    The main centrepiece as part of this modernisation effort is the video wall in the control room. Comprising of nine Sony 60 inch BRAVIA Full HD

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  5. Barco forms strategic partnership to provide flagship projectors for cinemas

    Barco forms strategic
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  6. Disney gets patent for 'projector drones' approved

    Disney gets patent for
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  7. Cinemas repair 70mm projectors ahead of The Hateful Eight screenings

    Cinemas repair 70mm projectors
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  8. Odeon brings 4K projector technology to Bournemouth cinema goers

    Odeon brings 4K projector technology
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  9. IMAX laser projector technology finally arrives in London

    IMAX laser projector technology finally
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  10. Autumn's biggest DVD and Blu-ray releases

    Home cinema owners are in for a treat this autumn as 2015's biggest blockbuster movies hit the shelves.

    Projector owners will be able to get their hands on a wide range of titles, including summer's biggest comedies, dramas and thrillers.

    'Mad Max: Fury Road' is definitely one action movie not to miss when it's released on DVD and Blu-ray in October. Starring Charlize Theron, Tom Hardy and Nicholas Hoult, this post-apocalyptic sequel was a hit with cinema-goers

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