A Midlands movie fan has spent £20,000 on creating his own private home cinema in his garden shed, complete with top-of-the-line projection equipment.

Paul Slim from Stourbridge had his shed purpose-built for its use as a home cinema, and now boasts four luxurious sofas, wall-to-wall carpets, a 119-inch screen, a booming sound system and a number of games consoles. His shed – which is also dotted with pieces of movie memorabilia – is considered so impressive that it is now in the running for the annual Shed of the Year competition.

The 36-year-old said that his love of the movies started when he was a child and has only grown stronger as he has got older.

“It all started with Star Wars and it hasn’t stopped,” he told the Stourbridge News. “It’s still my favourite film. I never tire of watching it.”

Paul opens up his cinema for family events at various points throughout the year, hosting Halloween and Christmas-themed film nights every year. His bolt hole can hold as many as 20 people and was a handy way of being able to keep indulging his passion for films when there was no longer room for it in the house.

“I used to have the home cinema in my living room, but when my girlfriend moved in she wanted the living room back,” he explained. “I had a piece of land at the back of the house, so I designed a purpose-built shed and then went round to a number of companies to see if they could built it.”