New sales figures on the North American projector market have shown that some of the leading manufacturers have clearly established themselves as leaders in certain categories.

The figures from industry research organisation, Pacific Media Associates (PMA) have shown that, among high-end projectors – those that are capable of 4,000 lumens of brightness or more – Epson dominates the sector. Four of its projectors are in the top five selling high-end projectors – including its PL Pro G5450WU and PowerLite 1945W models. The only other manufacturer on the list was Hitachi, whose CP-WX4021N projector was the second most in demand after the G5450WU.

In mainstream projectors – which generate between 1,000 to 3,999 lumens of brightness – InFocus projectors took three of the top five spots, but the brand had to cede the top spot to the Epson PowerLite 93+, while NEC’s NP-V260X rounded out the top 5.

Among pico projectors – or ‘new era’ models, which produce less than 1,000 lumens of brightness – three of Optoma’s tiny projectors were among the top five most popular, with the PK-320, PK-201 and ML500 all seeing substantial demand. Similarly to InFocus in the mainstream category, however, it lost out on the top spot to another brand – Acer’s K11 projector – while the AAXA M2 was the fourth most popular model.