Leven’s Regent Cinema in Fife is to receive new digital projection equipment as a result of a deal that has been struck between the venue and Film Mobile Scotland.

The five year partnership will see the small venue become able to show films that rival some of the major cinemas in the area from the second week of April. The venue will also be offering National Theatre and West End shows, as well as ballet, opera and concerts to its visitors.

The cinema – which has just celebrated its fourth anniversary - will receive the very latest in digital projection equipment, something which will help to reverse the fortunes of the struggling venue.

Film Mobile Scotland’s Ian Brown, told Fife Today: “We’ve been in talks with the cinema for about a year, during which time it was in a position of having to potentially close down.

“We would be taking the financial burden away so they wouldn’t have to go looking for the £50-60,000 cost of digital equipment and it would be a joint effort to bring in the audiences then,” he added.

Graeme Campbell, acting vice-chairman at the cinema, said that the dent in cinema finances over the last few months had been due to the venue only being able to show films in 35mm. “Increasingly the big movies are released in digital and we’ve been forced to show smaller, less popular films,” he said, adding that the new projection equipment would change all that.