Favi unveils updated pico projector

Technology manufacturer Favi has unveiled the new Favi Pico+, a new version of its popular pocket-sized pico projector.

The Pico+, which is designed for portable use and is around the size of a smartphone, supports Miracast and Airplay wireless playback and is able to throw projected images of up to 100 inches in size.

Featuring WiFi capabilities, the new pico projector can be used as a WiFi hotspot and can also be connected via an HDMI cable to both mobile and static devices, such as most smartphones, PCs and laptops, tablets and cable boxes.

Built around an LED light source and featuring DLP technology, the projector has a brightness level of 85 lumens and a native resolution of 858 x 480. The Pico+ also runs from a 5000 mAh battery, which lasts around three hours per charge in eco-mode and allows for a completely wireless experience.

The Pico+ is built with a USB port and SD card slot to allow users to project content from flash drives and memory cards. The projector also provides around 20,000 hours lamp life.

The Favi Pico+ is currently available on pre-order for around $299.

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