The potential for Epson's EH-TW450 home cinema projector to provide gaming fans with an immersive, big-screen experience is being relayed worldwide in the form of a viral video that's rapidly gaining fame in the online realm.

Featuring an "extreme gamer", the video depicts its main character dressed Ghostbuster-style in a suit with a EH-TW450 mounted to the front and a PlayStation 3 and battery on the back. He proceeds to run through the streets of the UK, playing Need for Speed: Shift on various walls and surfaces.

As well as testing his mobile projector kit while shopping in London's Carnaby Street, he is seen playing the game while dancing in a nightclub, during indoor skydiving and while abseiling down a building.

The "ultimate gaming projector' comes with 3LCD technology, dual USB ports for PC connectivity and multimedia playback, native 720p resolution, a 3,000:1 dynamic contrast and brightness of 2,500 lumens for projection even in daylight.

Epson's Sophie Layer explains to Marketing Week that the "extreme gamer" video is aimed at highlighting the projector's specific qualities: "We believe the film will show gamers that Epson projectors are perfect for real-life gaming, offering a totally immersive, big screen gaming experience."