As Sony’s entry-level model from its impressive new range of native 4K projectors, the VW270ES is one of the most hotly anticipated home cinema models to be announced at IFA 2018.

With the brand’s reputation for unrivalled image enhancing software and native 4K image quality, gamers and home cinema fanatics are now able to have their own slice of home projector perfection with the range’s most affordable model – a successor to the highly popular VW260ES.

A slice of perfection

Firstly, Sony has a sort of trump card when it comes to delivering the best image quality in the market and this lies in its own native 4K SXRD panels. They are the same technology you find across the globe in high-end digital cinemas. This helps position where the new VW270ES sits in the diverse world of HD, pseudo 4k and native 4K home cinema projectors, and of course, the reason for its expected retail price of £5,000.

For consumers, breaching the threshold into a higher echelon with the VW270ES is an appealing entry point for avid gamers or home cinema lovers who refuse to compromise on image excellence. But it is undeniably pricey.

There we said it.

Now we can look in more detail and exactly what the device offers to warrant its price tag.

Image optimisation

Sony’s VW270ES introduces a brand new feature of enhanced 4K motion flow and superior reality creation, both are processing changes that enable upscaling and frame insertion for HD sources with minimal noise increase. For film purists, this means added frames fill in the gaps between each scene of high movement visuals to deliver consistent brightness, colour and sharpness – a must-have for action-film-admirers and for avid sports fans.

Sony’s tone mapping pre-sets also go beyond the call of duty by enabling accurate projection of highlights and saturations with HDR content. And a specific HDR reference mode will help you programme the perfect settings for your home cinema environment.

All of this is supported by the significant step up in the bandwidth of the HDMI input to 18gbps which ensures that the projector can receive, process and display more colour depth and accuracy than ever before.

Immersive gaming

For gamers who want to enjoy their favourite titles exactly as they were meant to be played in immersive 4K HDR format, the VW270ES is truly breathtaking. The model’s HDMI 18 GBps compatibility means the unit can deliver the full HDR colour gamut and it offers some of the smoothest expressions of gradations you’re likely to find.

At 1,500 lumens brightness and with its 4K SXRD panels, Sony’s VW270ES lamp projector offers enough brightness for most dedicated cinema rooms (which at this price is probably where it should be installed!) alongside breathtakingly accurate image quality and incredible response times.

Taking the plunge

The game-changing potential of the Sony VW270ES is something gamers, film buffs and home cinema enthusiasts will all want to consider when making their next home projector purchase. At a higher price point than most models in the market, Sony’s impressive addition is less of a stepping stone to higher quality, and more like a serious investment in your home cinema experience.

The most affordable model in Sony’s latest home cinema range – which is topped by the VW870ES powerhouse with its classic 18-piece glass lens technology – the entry-level VW270ES allows film fans to own some of the best projection technology on the market today and a price that is reflective of it’s technological niche.