A Dublin pub has installed what is thought to be Europe’s largest 3D TV screen powered by a projector.

The 200 inch screen was custom-made by UK Company Extreme Screens for The Living Room to show major sports events.

The giant screen is being driven by an LG CF3D projector which transmits full HD pictures through a single lens. This projector’s specifications include 2,500 lumens brightness and a 7,000:1 contrast ratio.

Extreme Screens claims it is Europe’s biggest 3D screen - it is so large that the doors of the pub had to be removed to get it inside.

The company says the screen offers brighter projections than other 3D screens, with sharper images and vivid colours.

Guests at the official launch included former Ireland football manager Brian Kerr, as well as representatives from the AV industry, including Sky TV, which is providing the content.

Describing the viewing experience, Kerr said, “This is just like being on the side of the pitch. You can see every move and even the distance between players is more realistic.”

Osmosis Ireland, the distributor, worked with LG and Extreme Screens to bring the project together.

Osmosis Ireland’s Liam Sheehan said, “We have provided a totally new viewing experience for sports fans at The Living Room. This is exactly the type of investment publicans should be making if they want to bring the punters in their door time-after-time. 3D sport is exciting and has all the ingredients for a great night out with friends at your local."