As well as being one of Britain’s most in-demand projector manufacturers, the British manufacturing centre for Epson has managed to become one of the greenest as well.

Epson Telford Limited, which handles the manufacture of many of the brand’s electronic units sold in the UK, has managed to achieve zero waste to landfill status, with the aid of waste management consultants, Valpak.

Through working with Valpak, Epson has carried out a number of major initiatives to bring down the amount of metal scrap, waste electrical items and parts, pallets and office waste it sends to landfill. These initiatives included a full audit of all materials entering and exiting the site, a clear plan to reduce, reuse and recycle materials wherever possible and financially feasible and strict waste management targets.

Epson Telford’s environmental supervisor, Justin Pike, said that they were delighted to have achieved the zero waste to landfill target and said that it clearly represented the company’s committed ethos towards environmentally friendly practices.

“This is just one very practical example of what Epson can do to reduce our impact on the environment,” he said. “Valpak’s services have contributed to the project and have audited and approved our achievement of zero waste to landfill.”