Epson has launched a new range of business interactive projectors aimed at making business meetings more “spontaneous and interactive”.

The projector – which is named MeetingMate – is capable of turning almost any flat, hard surface such as desks or walls, into an interactive surface, meaning that it does away with the need to have a projector and a copyboard in order to use projections during a meeting.

Simon Rogers, Epson National Sales Manager for projectors (AU), told TechDay that the projectors can either be used whilst connected to a computer, or without a computer. “You can drive data from the computer, but a lot of corporates want to be able to work differently. They may run a PowerPoint presentation in meetings, but more often they just want to be able to brainstorm on the spot and have an instant meeting,” said Mr Rogers.

“[Traditionally], there’s no way of capturing it [brainstorming notes] without switching the computer back on. Now, we’re removing the computer entirely,” he went on to say.

By switching MeetingMate to ‘whiteboard’ mode, users can then share ideas by using any surface as a 60-inch to 100-inch interactive screen. The screen allows for annotation and sharing of any projected image from numerous input sources including computers, USB drives, smartphones, tablets and the office network.