One of Epson’s newest education-focused projectors – the EB-X11 – has been gaining a strong reputation for its versatility and strength in the classroom.

The projector offers an extremely high brightness for its capabilities, with a 2,600-lumen lamp, and a 1,024x768 resolution. These properties make it more suited to presentation displays rather than film viewing, but add to its exceptional performances in small- and mid-size educational venues.

The EB-X11 has VGA, composite and S-video inputs as well as a USB connection that allows for audio and video input to be sent to the projector and for the projector’s remote control to be used to control the PC’s cursor.

The projector can be ceiling mounted or it can be used with a translucent screen in a rear projection configuration, as it is capable of supporting both mirror and inverse images. A small foot attached to the front of the projector allows for its height to be adjusted and, from a distance of seven feet, it is capable of projecting clear images of between 59 inches and 70 inches diagonally.

The brightness of the projector comes at the expense of the quality of its contrast, but for its primary purpose of displaying presentations and slideshows, it is a worthy and valuable piece of classroom equipment.