QR connectivity has been added by Epson to the latest in its range of projectors.

Epson's EB-W28 projector is a portable device aimed at the business market and the inclusion of QR connectivity makes it easier than ever to share content from smart devices such as mobile phones and tablet computers.

Chris Goff, product manager at Epson UK, explained that the QR connectivity means it is easy for users of the EB-W28 projector to link up to other devices. Businesses will need to download the Epson iProjection app and scan the projected QR code to connect and share content.

He said: "Once the Epson iProjection app has been downloaded to a smart device, it's just a matter of scanning a QR code that's projected by the EB-W28."

Connectivity is one of the major advantages of the EB-W28 for companies looking to invest in a new portable business projector, as the device has an HDMI input which is MHL-ready as well as the QR functionality.

The EB-W28 also boasts specs such as a 10,000:1 contrast ratio and 3,000 lumens brightness, on top of the WXGA resolution and split-screen functionality it includes.

Epson says: "It's never been easier to take what you're seeing on a smart device and share it with a larger audience."