Epson has unveiled its PowerLite Pilot connection and control box for use with its short-throw and ultra-short throw classroom projectors.

The product allows teachers to connect and manage audio and video sources such as computers, DVD players and iPods in one place. This makes operating a projector connected to multimedia devices easier and helps teachers avoid "cable chaos".

The control box is designed to mount on the wall next to the image so that teachers can adjust the volume quickly without needing a remote control. It has large buttons and a cover to keep cables tidy.

There is also a choice of two accessories - a wireless pendant microphone and powerful external speakers, which are designed to create attention-grabbing sound so that all pupils in the classroom can hear the lessons.

Sara Kim, associate product manager for Epson America, said, "Epson is dedicated to providing comprehensive and useful solutions for the education market to enhance both the teaching and learning experience.

"The PowerLite Pilot makes it easy for teachers to connect and manage the wide range of multimedia devices that can be used with Epson short throw and ultra-short throw projectors," she said. "Additionally, the optional speakers and wireless microphone complete the system by providing a powerful combination for today's classrooms."