Epson has unveiled three of its most affordable Full HD projectors yet: the EH-TW5350, EH-TW5300 and EH-TW5210.

First showcased at this month's IFA event, the projectors are capable of full HD 1080p images in both 2D and 3D.

Although their debut at the event was arguably overshadowed by Sony's new 4K line-up, these projectors do boast some impressive specs at a very affordable price.

The most notable feature of the EH-TW5350, EH-TW5300 and EH-TW5210 is their cost efficiency, with Epson claiming the long life lamps can run for the equivalent of a film a day for the next 11 years. Take into consideration their low retail price, and you can see why these projectors are expected to be a hit with home cinema lovers.

All three projectors include a noise cancelling chip, Frame Interpolation and Image Enhancement technology, which Epson claims delivers the "clearest, sharpest images yet". Brightness is also impressive at 2,200 lumens for White and Colour Light output, which should make them suitable for use in offices with moderate levels of ambient light.

The EH-TW5350 also taps into the demand for greater connectivity with the inclusion of Miracast technology for wirelessly sharing media from Android smart devices.

Paul Wilson, business manager, Epson UK, says: “The home cinema experience should deliver big, clear and sharp images with lots of defined detail and deep blacks, which are what the EH-TW5350, EH-TW5300 and EH-TW5210 are all about. With a compact and curved design, these affordable and versatile projectors look great around the home while delivering all the latest technology.”

Epson has had a busy summer. Not only has it announced this new range of affordable HD projectors, but it has expanded its corporate and education range with the EB-U04, EB-W31, EB-W04, EB-X31, EB-S31 and EB-S04. On top of that, two portables for office use are expected soon.