The Epson TW450 has been praised for its practicality in a recent projector review.

Noting the projector’s light weight and small size, Latest Gadgets hailed it as “extremely practical”. Indeed, at just 2.3kg the device is simple to transport to different locations allowing it to cover all sorts of requirements.

The system has the added benefit of turning off instantly, which could be of use to business people who require a multimedia projector that can be packed away quickly for transportation between meetings. In addition, the Epson TW450 has a handy array of input ports, including S-video, VGA RGB, component, USB type B and type A, RCA and an HDMI.

Under normal conditions, the lamp should last around 3,000 hours. However, this can be extended to a more impressive 4,000 hours if the eco mode is enabled. Implementing this option will slightly dim the brightness, while lowering noise levels and power consumption.

While the projector boasts “beautiful image quality”, cinema fans are advised to consider a decent sound system to run alongside this gadget. The projector review refers to a noticeable amount of noise in quieter scenes, although this will fade with the implementation of the eco mode.