The TW2900 Epson projector - replacement model for the popular Epson EH-TW2800 - may lack perfect detailing, but it compensates by attempting to bring Full HD projection into a realistic price bracket. That's the conclusion of technology experts at the Pocket-lint site, who single out the machine's simplicity of use and "impressive image".

According to the reviewers, the TW2900 marks the arrival of a mainstream Full HD 1080p projector, describing it as "a no-nonsense projector" that tries to take the fear out of huge home cinema.

The machine can be placed on a small table or shelf, they note, since its lens shift system means two manual levers can be tweaked to project images of up to 300 inches onto a screen or wall - even if the projector itself is placed off-centre.

"Small projectors can often be hot and noisy, problems that the TW2900 skillfully avoids despite its high brightness (1600 ANSI lumens), that allows it to be used in less-than-blackout conditions," they continue.

Using 3LCD tech, the Epson TW2900 is fitted with a new D7 panel and features a 10-bit Pixelworks video processor. Connectivity options include ports for S-Video, Composite video and a D-Sub 15-pin input for a PC.