Projectors capable of delivering images in 3D are to be launched by Epson, it has been revealed.

The company is set to launch the EH-TW6000 and the EH-TW8000 towards the end of the year, Newsbytes revealed. However, the devices will be launched with a much more affordable price than many of their competitors, hopefully opening up the market to more home cinema fans.

Both devices are slimmer than the majority of 3D projectors, but the main reason why the devices will work better in a home environment is the upgrade of the shutter systems from 240Hz to 480Hz.

This improvement means that the gadgets will be able to maintain image brightness and picture quality, while still providing more than adequate 3D abilities.

However, the EH-TW8000 goes one further and is able to convert 2D images to 3D through processing technologies like the Super Resolution Technology and Frame Interpolation. The EH-TW6000 doesn't enjoy this added extra, but it does have a pair of ten watt high quality speakers and a 480 hertz refresh rate, making it an attractive option for the lower half of the market.