Epson storms laser projector market with EH-LS10000

Epson storms laser projector market with EH-LS10000
Epson storms laser projector market with EH-LS10000

Better known for its budget projectors, Epson stormed the laser projector market in 2015 with the EH-LS10000 – the manufacturer’s first dabble into laser light source projection.

The EH-LS10000 is Epson’s flagship projector for 2015, and for good reason. It might not deliver a native 4K resolution such as Sony’s VPL-VW300ES, but it does offer Epson’s 3LCD reflective LCD and new solid-state dual-laser technologies – a combination that elevates it beyond its lamp-based counterparts. What’s more, the improved laser system pushes the image quality to the next level, creating an impressive visual richness with a wider colour gamut.

One of the most attractive features of the EH-LS10000 is its lifespan. With the laser light engine reportedly lasting up to 30,000 hours in eco mode, even with eight hours of use per day, it’ll last over 10 years. When using it for two hours per day this lifespan goes up to over 40 years, meaning the projector will be virtually maintenance free across its lifespan.

But the feature that has caught the attention of most reviewers is the projector’s full HD performance. The black level performance is impressive, with blacks appearing even deeper that on the Sony VW300ES. The luminance levels in the contrast-rich pictures are also stable, pushing it above its Sony 4K competitor.

Aside from a longer lifespan and brighter images, one operational benefit of a laser light source is that it really doesn’t require any warm-up. The EH-LS10000 turns on virtually instantaneously, taking less than a minute to beam at full brightness.

The EH-LS10000 might not offer native 4K, but its 4K enhancement technology certainly comes close to surpassing Full HD quality. Boasting a solid state light engine, high quality upscaling and reflective LCD panels, Epson’s first laser projector promises an exciting new direction for home cinema projection.

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