Projector specialists Epson are predicting that demand for projectors in Taiwan - long seen as a defining market in consumer electronics - will show a sequential rise of more than 30 per cent in the fourth quarter.

The leading projector brand said they expect their models to account for more than 35 per cent of the total projector market in Taiwan in 2010.

The company is expecting the Taiwanese projector market in 2010 to reach 85,000-90,000 units. Upcoming government projects are expected to bring some added demand at the end of 2010 and beginning of 2011. Past reference has shown that hi-tech government and education developments can provide up to 60 per cent of the total demand.

Epson's dominance in the Chinese territory has been emphasised this year with the roll out of a number of new, advance models, with three series, consisting of a total of nine separate models, launched at the end of October. The projectors were all ultra thin, high-end and easy-to-carry models and proved to be ideal for the differing demands within the commercial market.

Looking forward to 2011, Epson has predicted the global projector market to increase by 11 per cent to 6.5 million units - up from 5.9 million units in 2010. Emerging markets like China and India are expected to see the most significant growth, while Taiwan's market is likely to maintain 5-10 per cent year on year growth in the next three years, driven by new applications and technologies.