Epson has revealed it sees the home projector market as becoming increasingly important.

Kenichi Yamamoto, Epson's general manager of its projector sales and marketing division, stated that China is one of the countries where demand for projectors is growing.

In an interview with CNet, he explained home projectors have an advantage over televisions.

Mr Yamamoto said: "Normally, owners of home projectors have screen sizes of around 87 to 100 inches, and in order for TVs to catch up to the sizes that home projectors can do, it will take around five to 10 years.

"And I don't think there is a big difference in power consumption, but from a total power consumption point of view, projectors are still lower."

The Epson representative added that while adding smart capabilities to projectors is an "interesting idea", it is not a path the company is currently considering going down.

Smart televisions have WiFi incorporated and often come pre-loaded with apps such as Netflix.

Epson is forecasting growth of between 10 and 15 per cent in projector sales in the Asian market in the coming years and Junichi Watanabe, Epson's chief operating officer of its visual products operations division, said major sporting events such as the football World Cup will drive sales even higher.