Epson releases new EB-L25000U laser projector Epson releases new EB-L25000U laser projector

Projector maker Epson has released a new projector. The EB-L25000U laser projector is the first 3LCD 25,000-lumen laser projector.

The new projector is ideal for outdoor and large venues due to its brightness capability. It comes with a high contrast ratio of 2,500,000:1, which is capable of producing absolute black and vivid colours.

The projector comes with a fully sealed laser optical engine with a laser-light source which helps it deliver high performance, quality and is very flexible. Thanks to its LCD panels and a phosphor wheel, the images produced by the projector are clear and vivid.

The EB-L25000U comes with a WUXGA, 1920 x 1200 native resolution. It also features image boosting technology that allows the projector to accept 4K input signals. To do this, the projector shifts each pixel diagonally, thus enabling the resolution to be effectively doubled. While this is not true 4K resolution, it is a better pseudo-type 4K than high definition.

The EB-L25000U weighs in at a relatively hefty 65kg, although this is lighter than other competitors in this sector.

Epson Singapore’s projector division’s Southeast Asia department head Amy Kwa said of the EB-L25000U: “Users can operate continuously 24/7 for 20,000 hours of operation before the brightness starts to decrease.”

The new projector is expected to be part of Epson’s growth strategy which is to achieve a 40 per cent projector market share in the ASEAN region by 2020. Currently, the share is 29 per cent in FY15.