Epson has been giving its EX Series projectors a makeover for the small business market, adding a new product to the portfolio in the process.

Brian Savarese, Epson product manager, confirmed that the new model, called the EX7220, boasts wireless set-up, which will ensure a stress-free, speedy start for business users.

The wireless connection will also allow small business users to make use of Epson’s free app, iProjection, which allows them to view content direct from a smartphone which is using either iOS or Android. It will also allow users to display content on an entire network of projectors.

Another factor behind the design and development of the EX7220 was the growing trend for office staff to bring their own devices into the office.

Mr Savarese told Computer Dealer News: “Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is increasing in the marketplace and this new projector supports your favourite tablet or smartphone and it will work seamlessly with the EX7220 for work and for personal use.”

Other projectors in the range include the EX3220, EX5220, and EX6220, all of which boast 3,000 lumens as standard.

“These products reinforce what SMB customers want and that is to use their laptops for showing content on the screen whether its charts, videos, or logos. They do not want to worry about the colour or the brightness. They want to come in and make a presentation with no sacrifices,” Mr Savarese concluded.