Epson has provided 3-chip 3LCD large venue projectors to allow a major contemporary art fair, due to begin tomorrow in Los Angeles, to come to life.

The projectors will be used at the Moving Image Experience, which is being curated by Paul Young, director of Young Projects gallery in Los Angeles. Beginning tomorrow, 10 April and running until 13 April, the art fair will be held at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center and will highlight the world’s most renowned contemporary fine art, video and digital installations.

The event will bring together the most extensive selection of art work ever assembled in the region, and will focus on the link between technology and art, offering visitors the chance to see how artists make use of technology in their studio practice.

Mr Young told I Want Pop: “The art community has seen a surge of artists focusing on new media and this revolution happened with the advancement of digital projection technology.

“It was imperative that I showcase these amazing artists’ work in the best light, so I required projection technology with superior image quality and high brightness. Epson was the natural choice”, he added.

The large venue projectors will be used in four different installations at the event, all exhibiting moving image art. The devices will allow visitors to enjoy the multimedia experience with brilliant colour clarity and 3-chip 3LCD technology, optional lenses with lens shift and built-in edge blending.

Sean Gunduz, senior product manager, Projectors, Epson America, told the publication: “We understand what artists need when it comes to projection – they want to see their art shine the way they envisioned, without colour or image distortion.

“Compared to single chip projection solutions, our 3-chip 3LCD large venue projectors provide vivid images with true-to-life colours and the ultimate projection experience for the Moving Image Exhibit at Silicon Valley Contemporary”, he added.