Epson's PowerLite S9 Multimedia Projector has been described as a good device for use in the classroom.

In a recent projector review from PC Mag, the device was praised for its built-in closed captioning, audio-out and monitor-out abilities that allow it to work with a variety of devices.

Meanwhile, the image quality is up to scratch for most rooms, although it won't work in a particularly large area. But with 2,500 Lumens of light, the 3LCD projector worked well on the test screen of 64 inches diagonal in an ambient light from about seven feet away.

It works on an SVGA (800x600p) native resolution and delivers an aspect ratio of 4:3, which is suitable for data presentations in particular.

The projector itself is a convenient size, and weights in at 5.1 pounds allowing it to be relatively easily installed.

Those looking for a device to use in the classroom for data displays, the Epson PowerLite S9 offers good quality for a reasonable price. Its portability also makes it suitable for this purpose as it can easily be moved from classroom to classroom and installed quickly where it is needed.