Epson Pro L25000U projector wins Best of Show awards
Epson, the number-one selling projector brand worldwide has announced that its Pro L25000U laser projector has won two prestigious awards at the recent InfoComm conference.

The two awards, given out at the Las Vegas event, were Best of Show awards from two leading American magazines.

The awards were given to the best product exhibited at InfoComm, with each product being evaluated by panels of InfoComm members. These members mark the product against a number of key criteria, including innovation, performance, feature set, ease of installation, maintenance requirements and value for money.

From Digital Signage, one of the magazines, the best of show award was given by a panel of AV professionals. They gave the award to the Epson Pro L25000U, in part because it offered a number of key features, including the 3LCD technology capabilities, as well as the ability to deliver 25,000 lumens of both colour brightness and white brightness in 4K resolution.

The other magazine, Sound & Video Contractor, awarded the best of the show to the Epson L25000U because of its ability to operate 24/7 for up to 20,000 hours without the need for any maintenance, making it relatively hassle-free.

Phong Phanel, the product manager of large venue projectors for Epson America, said of the two industry magazine awards: “As a leader in projection technology, Epson continuously helps customers create superior displays with outstanding image quality, performance, reliability and flexibility.

“We are honoured and grateful to earn the most excellent recognition and admiration from industry experts and users for the world's first 25,000 lumen 3LCD projector. We look forward to introducing new projection solutions that advance the audio-visual industry and set new boundaries for what is possible."